Apsara Elephant Jumbo Pencil.

I saw these recently on CW Pencil Enterprise’s website and had to have them. They are even prettier in person, and I love to use them even more than I thought I would. The Apsara Elephant Jumbo writing pencils are just delightful.

The pencils come in five colors, and you can purchase the box of five that includes the standard Apsara eraser and even a jumbo sharpener. From what I can tell, the sharpener puts a point that is similar to the factory point for these fat pencils. The point achieved with a similar blade sharpener for jumbo pencils is generally much shorter.

The lacquer is well-applied, and the colors really pop. These have an even thicker and brighter paint job than I usually find from Apsara. It was the colors, in part that drew me to these pencils in the first place.

The other thing that attracted me to these pencils was the promise of dark marks, and the Elephants deliver. Below, please find marks from a few pencils I found lying around that my kids were coloring with this morning — and the Blackwing I had in my hand for reference. The Apsara Elephant Jumbo matches the darkest jumbo pencil I found, the Chinese version of the My First Ticonderoga. However, the Apsara was less smeary and crumbly.

Paper is from Write Notepads & Co.

It’s really wonderful to write with, and the hex makes the marks feel more controlled than the slippery round barrels we usually find on jumbo pencils.

I can’t describe why I like these bright pencils so much, but I plan to stock up a bit. They are both beautiful and useful: well-constructed, colorful, with excellent writing cores to boot. I need to get some more for my kids so that they don’t steal all of mine.