Erasable Podcast

I count myself lucky to co-host Erasable, with Tim Wasem and Andy Welfle — the world’s first, only and best podcast all about PENCILS. Listen here, or you can find us on iTunes.

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  1. I never knew you existed until now. Met you in the book Stationery Fever. I bought the book on Amazon because I am putting out a little book for children 10 yrs and up – the history of the pencil. That how I came across CW Enterprise. Also Karyn Schmidt of the Museum of Writing Instruments in Winneconne, Wisconsin, wrote me and I put her data in my book. I’m on proofing now and I will include you, too. It’s in proofing now, so I hope they will let me., At any rate, I am going to tell Karyn about you all – if she doesn’t already know about you. So hello and I’ll sign up for your letter. Very interesting all this – the humble warrior against the digital giant.

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