Monday, 2 Days Late.

(In which your Host demonstrates his inability to draw well.)

I doubt that I am the only Comrade who has children who sometimes refuse to eat food that they like. My oldest two sometimes sit in the Chow Hall (dining room) yapping over their breakfast while their favorite cereal turns to mush. Doubly so on Mondays.

And of course there’s the struggle to kickstart consciousness and get the juices flowing that precedes such Gross Displays of Energy, while parental units groggily gorge themselves on strong coffee. Monday! It’s only on Wednesday that we can face it sometimes.

(Images created with a Blackwing 54 in a Field Notes Resolution book.)

Revolution on IG.

First, apologies for the glitch that caused the previous post to thrust itself into the world nearly a dozen times. Second, my own Instagram account has largely become pictures of walking and of children and very little in the way of stationery. So I have just opened an Instagram account solely for Pencil Revolution. Follow us @pencilution on Instagram and also on Twitter.

Charlotte’s Novel.

My daughter, who turns 8 (!) next month, has decided that she’s going to write a novel. I gave her this notebook for the project. When she was only about two or three, she had the same notebook. I bought her another one for when she got older and gave it to her tonight. She wants to do Camp NaNoWriMo next month! She promised me that she would share all of her ideas with me before publishing a novel. I feel very honored.