Colorful Carry.

Blackwing 54 and a baby Moleskine Volant

I find that I am often a black notebook kind of person — maybe something brown or grey. I’ve taken to carrying colorful writing tools in days when my brain feels grey iself. Not sure if it helps.

Anyone else match (or contrast) your gear to your mood?

2 thoughts on “Colorful Carry.”

  1. Wow! That鈥檚 a SMALL book!

    I just usually grab whatever book is ready, regardless of the colour. 鈥嶁檪锔廃/p>

  2. I grab whatever current notebook I’m writing/drawing in and pencil that is near it. Most of mine have stickers and paint spots all over them anyway. Currently, Story Supply Co. and Tombow Mono HB.

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