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First post.

Stay tuned for news of the Pencil Revolution. The PRevo.
Including pencil reviews, pencil stories, history, benefits, advantages, etc.
On why you should be using a pencil.
Or pencils.
And not the mechanical kind.
Sharpen your pencils, and get ready.

15 replies on “First post.”

In case you might have missed it, the best book on the design history of your favorite writing instrument is “The Pencil : A History of Design and Circumstance” by Henry Petroski. Your “Pencil History” section really needs to reference this book.

The Pencil takes you blow-by-blow through the evolution of the pencil showing how geography, happenstance, and determined engineering by many (including Thoreau) have made the common pencil “almost invisible in its perfection.” Every engineer and usability designer should read this book.

Thanks, SJones. We are fans of Mr. Petroski’s book, to be sure. The history section is a work in progress and currently links only online sources for now.

After locating this site from the Yahoo reviews, I’d like to chime in. Long ago there was a wooden pencil. and then in 5 grade I got my first mechanical pencil – a Scripto. This pencil was the finest mechanical pencil made and I still search for one that offers similar features at any price level. The only drawback was that they were a little fragile. I have ONE still in new packaging and I hope to open it only when I located a replacement that warrants the use of the last “new” Scripto on the planet!

Please bring back the Scripto mechanical pencil! I miss them dearly. They were cheap in price and extremely dependable. The lead was long and thick and held up well to heavy-handed pressure. The lead was easy to reload as were the jumbo erasers. Furthermore, the pencils didn’t break when dropped. I don’t understand why pencils of inferior mechanical mechansims using thin and easily breakable lead along with their scrawny erasers would replace a superior product. It’s another case of where a newer (“nifty”?) design is not necessarily better.

I have been a collector of Scripto for many years. They now do not make anymore pencils or pens only lighters

The old Scripto pencils were wonderful. I’m trying to find some myself. I found a lead and eraser refill pack in desk that had never been opened. Great for heavy handed people like me. I break the lead on these new pencils every five or six words.

I too loved the old scripto. They were the very best my opinion you could buy! Now everything is click top and I do not like those at all! So please!!! bring the K780 BACK !!!!!!!!!!!

I’ve just now finished working backwards through your excellent blog, and I’m sad to now be at the end. Thanks for helping me reconnect with the wooden pencil.

Cape Breton, Canada

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